Do you ship outside of the US?

Currently, we offer shipping to Canada, Australia and the UK. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

How long before my event should I order this book? 

Our standard lead time from order to delivery is 6 weeks. We will accept orders up to one month before the wedding for delivery by your wedding date for a rush fee. 

Do I get to see the book before you print it? 

Yes. Your purchase includes up to 2 revisions. 

What are the book specifications?

We print all our book in Standard Landscape design, 10 x 8 in, on PremiumMatte paper, in color. The cover is Hardcover ImageWrap and can be customized to include a single color of your choice. 

Why is prompt'd Letters to the Bride book different?

At prompt'd, we do a few things differently:

  1. we do the heavy lifting for you of eliciting contributions and designing the book, and  
  2. we prompt all the contributors with a few simple questions that help them share stories, advice and photos for the recipient. 
  3. We design and print the book for you.

What prompts do you send to people?

We currently send four prompts to your guests, with a fifth one being an invitation to share their favorite photos with us. We found that four prompts strike a balance between enough questions to elicit a meaningful response and not too many as to make contributing to the Letters to the Bride book a hassle. 

    Can I pick my prompts?

    Of course. We have a set of standard prompts we use, but you can swap them out by working with your dedicated customer service representative after you purchase a package. 

    What happens if my guests only answer one prompt, or none at all?

    We have found that we all have something to say, and sometimes we just need to be prompt’d :) Majority of guests answer prompts, but  in case they choose to not answer a prompt or two, or just write you a letter instead, that’s fine - we will of course include their answers as they are. 

    How long does it take to capture people’s responses? 

    We prompt your guests over the course of 10 days and remind them plenty of times to submit their responses. Our response rate is 98% - our emails and follow ups help people understand the scope of the book and the importance of sharing their thoughts with the Bride.

    How do people contribute to the book?

    We create a simple online form and invite your contributors via email (you provide the list) to share their responses. You will also receive a link you share via txt with the contributors and invite them to participate that way.

    Can I or someone else order more books?

    Yes, additional books are available for purchase up to one year after the delivery date or wedding date, whichever comes last. 

    More questions? Email us at info@promptdmoments.com