The Guests' Book

A collaborative book made by those you love - just for you, to celebrate your special day.

Make a moment

Don't just check things off your to-do list. Make a moment for yourself and your guests.

guest book vs The Guests' Book?

Traditional guest books are filled out on the day of the wedding, while guests are rushing to make it to the open bar and have little time and attention to say something meaningful.

The Guests’ Book is a collaborative book created by all your wedding guests before your wedding day, in the comfort of their homes, with plenty of time and guidance to say something meaningful. We prompt your guests to answer certain questions about you (including providing photos) and combine their answers and stories in a book that is made just for you. 

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Why The Guests' Book?

Because it actually means something.

Do you have certain cards/emails/text messages you keep because of how they made you feel? This is a whole book of messages like that.

The Guests' Book is a book you'll want to read over and over again.

Check out a sample Guests' Book HERE.

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  • 1. Choose your package

    You have different packages to choose from depending on the size of the list of contributors.

  • 2. Send us your list of contributors

    You will hear from your personal customer concierge within 8 hrs of your purchase asking you for all the information we need to create your book.

  • 3. We create The Guests' Book

    We do the rest: prompt your guests, collect their answers and create a book that you will love.

  • 4. Enjoy working with real humans

    All your questions answered, dedicated customer concierge to chat with. We ensure the contributors submit your answers in time to create a complete experience and work with you to produce a book you will love.