Collaborative Books

Celebrate people and life events with collaborative books you will want to read over and over again.

Make big life events into moments to remember

We prompt your loved ones to share stories, advice and photos and combine them in a book you'll cherish forever.

The prompt'd approach

We all have something to say. Sometimes, we just need to be prompt'd (pun intended).

Our thoughtfully created prompts inspire your loved ones to share stories, advice and photos they didn't even know they had!

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Why prompt'd Collaborative Books?

Because you want to make someone's (our your!) day.

And because a) we do all the work: prompting, follow up, designing the book and b) offer excellent customer service. You will have a dedicated prompt'd representative working with you from the start.

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  • 1. Choose your occasion below

    Choose an event you want to create a book for. If you don't see your event, email us and we'll create a custom book for you.

  • 2. Send us your list of contributors

    You will hear from your personal customer concierge within 8 hrs of your purchase asking you for all the information we need to create your book.

  • 3. We create the collaborative book of your choice

    We do the rest: prompt your guests, collect their answers and create a book that you will love.

  • 4. Enjoy working with real humans

    All your questions answered, dedicated customer concierge to chat with. We ensure the contributors submit your answers in time to create a complete experience and work with you to produce a book you will love.