The Guests' Book: A Case Study

The Guests' Book: A Case Study

We love working with couples to create an alternative wedding guest book that also becomes a keepsake they will cherish forever. A wedding guest book, even though it is a small detail, can become the highlight of your wedding for both you and your guests. 

Prompt’d The Guests’ Book is designed to be exactly that - a wedding guest book with prompts that becomes a keepsake AND a fun way to engage your guests. 

Think about all the weddings you have been to, and the numerous guest books you signed. How often did you rush to sign the book because there was a line forming behind you? How many times did you simply forget to sign the guest book as you passed it on the way to your seat? If your experiences are anything like ours, the answer is probably too many to count. 

That is why we created The Guests’ Book - to actually engage your guests, record their memories and advice, and create a keepsake you will get to enjoy for years to come. This is a unique take on the alternative wedding guest book. It is created ahead of your wedding day, it includes fun and thoughtful wedding guest book prompts and contains stories from your guests you might have never heard! Since the prompt’d alternative wedding guest book is so unique, we wanted to share a case study of how we worked with a couple to create a unique guest book for their big day. 

Lauren & Josh 

Lauren and Josh were looking for a thoughtful and unique alternative wedding guest book. They were looking for something that doesn’t just check the box and becomes a thing their guests feel obligated to do on the wedding day. Instead, they found prompt’d and purchased a wedding guest book for their 125 guests. Within a couple hours of their purchase, our prompt’d Customer Concierge reached out to them summarizing the process and guiding them through next steps. 

Lauren and Josh shared all their guests’ email addresses with us, after which their work was done! Prompt’d did all the prompting of the guests, follow ups and combining everyone’s responses in a personalized book following our unique outline. Besides sharing their wedding colors for the design of the book, Lauren and Josh had nothing more to do and could now eagerly await the final product. From start to finish, the book took 3.5 weeks to complete. We received answers from 95% of the guest list. We received numerous photos, fun stories, memories and advice that filled quite a few pages. 

After the guest book was complete, we mailed it to Lauren and Josh who took some time to read through everyone’s responses a few days before their wedding day. It was a meaningful time for them to pause in the last few days of wedding planning craziness, and feel the love and support of their guests. They decided to display The Guests’ Book at the reception, so their guests could look through it and sign next to their story if they’d like. 

Using prompts for the wedding guest book allowed us to capture stories, photos and advice for Lauren and Josh that their guests wouldn’t have time to write at the reception. Additionally, their guests got to reminisce and get even more excited about their upcoming wedding. Engaging their guests via this alternative wedding guest book showed that Lauren and Josh care about their loved ones and want to actually hear what they think. 

If you, or someone else you know, are looking for an alternative wedding guest book or a wedding guest book with prompts, please let us know. We’d love to help create a keepsake you’ll proudly display on your coffee table.


We love working with couples on creating their personalized wedding guest book with prompts. If you are interested in working with us, check out The Guests' Book page or email us with any questions at 

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