Three Alternative Wedding Guest Books That Make a Great Keepsake

Three Alternative Wedding Guest Books That Make a Great Keepsake

Why a wedding guest book in the first place?

Wedding guest books are a fun and thoughtful way for your guests and loved ones to share their heartfelt messages for you on your wedding day. As much of an effort you will make to talk to everyone on that day, there is something meaningful about having a physical artifact where all that love and support can live on forever. As Jessica Estrada writes for The Knot, a wedding guest book is a time capsule of all the love and romance present during your celebration.” We couldn’t agree more.

There are hundreds of different wedding guest book ideas and options, from physical books, to audio and video recordings, signed canvas displays, wine corks, jenga pieces… You don’t face a lack of choices when it comes to picking your perfect wedding guest book. 

Why an alternative wedding guest book?

However, if you are looking to have your wedding guest book also become a keepsake your options might be slightly different. It turns out that certain wedding guest book options, as fun as they might be at the moment, might not stand the test of time. For instance, jenga pieces - will you ever look at that again? Or phone booth guest books? How often would you think to sit down and replay a 3 hour long audio recording, half of it being recorded towards the end of the night when most people are a few drinks in? 

We believe there is something unique and meaningful in having a guest book you can touch, read and see. A guest book that, when you see and go through it, brings back all the memories from your wedding day. And most importantly, a book that makes you feel as loved as you did on your wedding day every time you read it.

Three alternative wedding guest books that make a great keepsake

If you are looking for an alternative wedding guest book to also become a keepsake, here are our three recommendations:

This wedding guest book option is a great alternative to a traditional wedding guest book. It is interactive, engaging and allows your guests to have fun with the Polaroid camera. Pair a few cameras with a physical book where guests can insert their photos and write a little note, so you have the best of both worlds. Pro tip: have one of your family members or friends encourage guests as they arrive to take photos. People often forget to participate as they rush to their seats and the night goes on.

  • Your favorite art/object signed by all your guests

Even though it is lacking in words and photos from your guests, this option becomes a keepsake because it is something you will display and see every day. Pick a photo of the two of you and have the guests sign the mat, get a vinyl record of your favorite album you can frame and display after your guests sign it. If you love to travel, grab a globe for your guests to sign. All of these alternative wedding guest books are based on a simple idea to choose an object or art that means something to you, something you know you will see every day around the house. Too many wedding guest books end up in the basement to collect dust, don’t let yours be one of them.

Creating a keepsake that you will cherish forever is the driving force behind prompt’d personalized wedding guest book. Instead of rushing to sign the book with a quick message or forgetting to even sign it, we work with your guests ahead of the wedding. We send them a few short prompts that allow them to share their advice, stories and old photos, and use it to create a personalized wedding guest book you can cherish and revisit on anniversaries. Plus, we do all the work for you so you can relax and know your personalized wedding guest book is taken care of. You can display your personalized wedding guest book at the venue for all to sign and enjoy.

Regardless of what you choose, pick an alternative wedding guest book that means something to you. It is your wedding and your keepsake after all.


We love working with couples on creating their personalized wedding guest book with prompts. If you are interested in working with us, check out The Guests' Book page or email us with any questions at 

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