Letters to the Bride Book: A Case Study

Letters to the Bride Book: A Case Study

Letters to the Bride is a book of letters from the Bride’s bridal party and loved ones to the Bride. Letters to the Bride book is usually given to the Bride as a bridal shower gift or on her wedding day, while getting ready.  These letters capture her loved one’s stories, photos and advice as the Bride embarks on a new adventure in her life. 

The way Letters to the Bride book came to be can best be summarized with a quote from Una, our Founder: 

A few years ago, I was a maid of honor for my friend’s wedding and I wanted to create a fun keepsake just for her to remember her wedding day. I read about Letters to the Bride idea and decided that would be a perfect gift for my friend. Soon enough, I realized most people didn’t know what to write about and that collecting all the letters in time for the wedding day was a lot more complicated than it needed to be. Fast forward to today and the Letters to the Bride book from prompt’d. This book is created ahead of time by prompting all the Bride’s loved ones to share their stories and advice with her. No more wondering what to say and rushing around trying to get everyone’s letters in time. I hope you love this product as much as we like creating every single Letters to the Bride book.


Letters to the bride book


In this post, we will describe the process of working with prompt’d to create a Letters to the Bride book via an example.

We worked with Stephanie, a bridesmaid, to create Letters to the Bride book for her friend, Audra. Stephanie and the rest of the bridal party wanted to create a thoughtful book for Audra from all her loved ones to celebrate and mark her special day. Stephanie purchased the book via our website, after which one of our customer service representatives reached out to her directly via email. Through that correspondence, we let Stephanie know the timeline and expectations of when she would receive the book and asked her for the email list of all the contributors. Stephanie shared the email list with us via a spreadsheet. She also sent us Audra’s wedding colors, as well as one of the couple’s engagement photos we could include at the end of the book. 

We reached out to all the contributors Stephanie provided (there were 27, which makes for a perfect Letters to the Bride book) and asked them to send their contributions via a short online form. The form is very easy to handle, even for less tech-savvy people. Our customer service representative is there to help with any issues that might come up. Sometimes, contributors respond directly via email (as opposed to filling out the form) which is perfectly fine. The form streamlines the process, but we accept responses in a variety of ways - the benefits of working with real humans as opposed to algorithms! We also provided Stephanie with a link to the form that she shared via text with a couple contributors whose email addresses she didn’t have.

It took us 10 days to collect everyone’s responses - and we got every single one! We did all the prompting and following, with the whole list and individually, ensuring that we get a high response rate and have enough material to create a Letters to the Bride book. 

After having collected all the responses, our design process took 5 days - we created a digital preview of the book that we shared with Stephanie for her approval. We made a couple changes based on her feedback and the book was ready for print! After the final approval, Stephanie received the book within 10 days to her address, with plenty of time to spare before the wedding. 

On the wedding day, Stephanie and the rest of the bridal party decided to give Audra the book while they were getting ready. Letters to the Bride book is a perfect way to create a moment of pause and reflection in the midst of wedding day business, which is exactly what Stephanie did. You can read more about how to make a moment with Letters to the Bride book in this blog post


letters to the bride book

This is what Stephanie shared about her experience working with prompt’d: 

My fellow bridesmaids and I gifted the Letters to the Bride book to our special lady during "getting ready" photos. She teared up as soon as she saw all of the thoughtful messages. It turned out to be a beautiful keepsake and a really special moment. Also, working with Una was a dream! She made the process so seamless. We just had to send her everyone's contact info and she took care of the rest. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for a memorable and unique gift for the bride-to-be in their life!” 

This is what Audra’s (the Bride) shared with us about her experience with Letters to the Bride book:

I was given a book by my bridesmaids. I was in tears reading all of the thoughtful things that my friends & family had to say about me on my wedding day. It was truly the most precious gift and I will treasure it forever.”

If you have any more questions about prompt’d Letters to the Bride book, please email us at info@promptdmoments.com 

We'd love to work with you on creating a thoughtful gift for the Bride in your life!

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