Create a meaningful experience with someone you care about

For mothers and daughters, siblings, college friends and next-door neighbors, leverage Cards to Connect to create a meaningful experience with someone you care about.

  • 1) Pick a set of cards to exchange with a person

    - Card sets come in seven different themes.

    - You receive two sets, each containing four identical cards with prompts.

    - Keep one and give one to someone you wish to connect with.

  • 2) Gift the second set of cards

    - You can either give the second set to someone yourself OR have it shipped directly to the other person (on us!). You can choose either option at check-out by clicking 'Add Gift Options').

  • 3) Be prompt'd

    - Each card contains a prompt, use it to guide your answer. You probably have lots to say, sometimes you just need to be prompt'd.

  • 4) Start exchanging cards

    - Mail your card to your friend, one at a time. Stamps are included.

    - Get excited to receive their card.

    - At the end of the four card exchange, talk to the other person about your learnings, experiences and insights.

    - Have fun connecting!

  • Because you value experiences over things.

    This is a collaborative activity between two people. Think conversation cards in a written form: you both receive the same set of cards that leverage prompts to help guide your reflection and writing. You share cards (4 of them) back and forth and learn more about each other in the process.

  • Because you are ready to disconnect from screens.

    We are bringing back the old school pen and paper, cards and snail mail. No distractions and getting lost in the sea of online chatter tools. Cards make for a great keepsake of your conversation and memory of the moment you shared with the other person.

  • I feel vulnerable in the process, and I wonder what she may think.Then I realize there is an added connection. It could be at this very moment she is picking up her pen to share her celebration with me.I can be myself, and in the process know myself – and if you care about someone to come this far, wouldn’t you?

    - RP

  • I love writing letters, but I don't usually know what to talk about. Prompt'd has given me a way to connect with friends that I might not normally write letters to because now I know what to write about. I'll cherish the Prompt'd cards I've received and the deeper connections they facilitated. I can't wait to order more sets!

    - JF

  • prompt'd moments make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Each moment, from opening the initial prompt to reading the last card has filled me with energy, excitement and joy. They are a type of gift you get to cherish for a lifetime. The best part - unlike Christmas, the smiles, laughs and connections created don't only have to come once a year. It's March and I'm already onto my next set!

    - BH

Collection: Cards to Connect

Matched sets of cards to have an offline conversation with someone you care about: parents, siblings, friends - you pick. Guaranteed to make you and your correspondence partner think, laugh and create a moment of connection.