What are Collaborative Books and Why Gift Them?

What are Collaborative Books and Why Gift Them?

Sometimes you want to give someone something meaningful, thoughtful and something that won’t just collect dust or end up in the trash. One of the most meaningful and lasting gifts you can give to someone are collaborative books. 

Collaborative books are personalized and custom books created by gathering letters from lots of people near and dear to the recipient. These messages are personal, thoughtful and express the love and support people have for the recipient. Collaborative books are so unique that the recipient might read them often, when they feel down, or when they are missing their loved ones. All of us have a need to be loved and appreciated by those around us - collaborative books help evoke that love on demand and remind us we matter.

Collaborative books make an especially great gift for big life events: weddings, graduations, retirements and milestone birthdays. These are natural peaks in life that mark a transition: an end to a chapter and beginning of a new one. Gifting the person a collaborative book for such an occasion will help them remember this important milestone and let them know how much they mean to those around them.

At prompt’d, we take a unique approach to creating collaborative books by doing the following two things:

  1. a) we do the heavy lifting for you of eliciting contributions and designing the book 
  2. b) we prompt all the contributors with a few simple questions that help them share stories, advice and photos for the recipient. 

As soon as you purchase the book, your personal customer service representative will email you asking for your list of contributors. If you don’t know everyone’s email, don’t fret. We will give you a unique link you share with others via email or text. From then on, we do the rest: prompting, follow up and creating the book. You will receive a digital proof of the book to review before it goes to print, and receive the physical copy shortly after. 

Choose from the following collaborative books: 

If you have more questions, you can reach us at info@promptdmoments.com.  

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