Review: Two friends share their experience with Cards to Connect

Review: Two friends share their experience with Cards to Connect

Britta is a college friend of mine and was one of the first people to try Cards to Connect. Her and I exchanged a card set a while back while prompt'd was still unnamed and the only thing that existed were Cards to Understand. Here is a review of both of our experiences exchanging the Cards. True to our name, I prompt'd each of us to share some of our favorite prompts, photos and learnings about one another.

Cards to Connect theme: Understand 

What was your favorite prompt to reflect on?

  • Britta: My favorite prompt was hands down the very first one - “What makes your soul sing?” It was homerun, actually a grand slam! This question was creative, it was deep, it was meaningful, there was not just one answer, and with each sentence I wrote I felt more and more alive. I really poured my soul into the response. 
  • Una: “What are your guiding lights?” I think it’s easy to forget the values that guide us as we go about our days, and that prompt in particular helped me think about my guiding lights, write them down and keep them top of mind.
What was your favorite photo? 
  • Britta: I am a sucker for sunsets, therefore I LOVED the photo with the sunsetting over the water just behind the island with the lighthouse. One of my favorite places to practice gratitude is on an evening walk watching the sunset. Looking at the card while reading the prompt really felt full circle. 
  • Una: Definitely the first one, paired with the ‘What makes your soul sing?’. The photo and the prompt just give me chills! So powerful. 
What did you learn about yourself through exchanging these Cards?
  • Britta: I learned how incredible it feels and how amazing it can be to deeply connect with someone through the exchange of cards. No cards, given or received, have ever helped me think, write, or reflect in this manner. Near or far, I learned I can always connect and make moments with anyone and everyone who wants to write back.
  • Una: First of all, writing really helps me nail down what I think and feel. The limited space on the cards encourages me to clarify my thinking and boil it down to the essentials. Secondly, I really love getting mail in my mailbox! Every time I read Britta’s card I felt like she was reading it to me out loud, I could totally picture her just answering the prompt. Thirdly, I learned that the little moments are very important to me - I am grateful for my morning coffee, I feel on top of the world when I do something at the gym that scares me, I feel like I lived my day well when I move through it with confidence and grace. Those little moments and things are really what matters to me.
What did you learn about your friend and what is your favorite line from one of their answers? 
  • Britta: I loved Una’s line from the prompt about impatience. She said, “I forget to let the paint dry because I am excited to add another color to my life painting.” No matter what, she always finds a way to look on the bright side. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and I can’t wait to see the size of her canvas! 
  • Una: I loved this line from one of Britta’s cards: “Going to bed exhausted is one of the best feelings and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! From the moment I wake up I’m grateful to be in control of my life and for the ability to make the most and learn, grow and give back every day.” I learned why Britta is always so happy and in a great mood. Literally, in 12 years of knowing her, I have seen her angry or sad maybe once or twice. Now I know why - Britta moves about her life with a heart full of gratitude for being alive, for her family and friends, and is on a continuous quest to be the best she can be and help others do the same. Because of her heart full of gratitude, she does that with such energy, calmness and enthusiasm that is contagious and inspiring. Plus, I couldn’t agree more that going to bed exhausted knowing you gave it your all is one of the best feelings out there :)

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