Making Your Next Trip Extra Memorable

Making Your Next Trip Extra Memorable

How many photos did you take with your phone on your last trip? Hundreds? Thousands? If you are like most people, you probably have hundreds of photos on your phone from your last trip, which includes more than one photo of the SAME THING. Digital cameras have made is so easy (and amazing!) to take as many photos and see them right away. No more fingers on the lens, bad angles, closed eyes and missing things from the photo. 

As awesome as digital cameras are, we wanted to introduce a way to make your next trip even more fun with a nostalgic experience: taking photos with a disposable camera. You heard it right - disposable camera with film (and only 27ish shots) that takes a few days or a week to develop.

Why, might you say? 

There is something nostalgic and present about using a disposable camera. Just like in life, there are no re-do's, you take one shot and hope it turns out great. 

So, if you want to make your next trip into a moment, here is how you can do it:

  1. Buy a disposable camera (Amazon, your local photo store, or a nearby pharmacy all have plenty of cheap options). 
  2. Take a photo at new sights, or during experiences you want to remember. (Pro tip: highlight all the places you saw and things you did by taking a photo with a disposable camera. That way, when you look through the developed photos, you will remember all the things you got to see and do.)
  3. Develop your photos after the trip.
  4. Enjoy re-living your trip and remembering all the fun things you did!
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