be prompt'd with Rebecca Fisher

be prompt'd with Rebecca Fisher

This week on our be prompt'd series, we prompt'd Rebecca Fisher (@rebeccafisherstudio ), Portland, OR - based artist and illustrator. You can shop her Watercolor Decorative Arts and Travel New Collection at Cielo Home (@cielohome), and find her Art prints, cards, pillows on Etsy

Our weekly prompt'd series features single question interviews with creatives, friends, business owners, and fascinating people. Every week, we will prompt someone and share our guest’s response, along with pictures that they shared with us that are related to the response.

Join us on the journey of curiosity and learning about the people around us. We hope you enjoy these short interviews, learn something new and use the prompts to find out something more about someone in your life.

Prompt: What makes you lose track of time? 

Rebecca: Daydreaming with creative people - tossing ideas back and forth - refining an image - losing my thought and getting sidetracked (in the best possible way) by what someone else brings to a subject I am passionate about. 

I’m talking color, historical reference,  the emotional impact of design, line, shape and scale - and a background story.

Creative people don’t come ‘out of the egg’ like that - so many things inform - it’s planning, dreaming and doing - it’s ‘fits and starts’ to take the next step. 

Also, laughter. Laughing makes me lose track of time. 

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