be prompt'd with Madison Allen

be prompt'd with Madison Allen

We recently started a weekly be prompt'd series featuring single question interviews with creatives, friends, business owners, and fascinating people. Every week, we will prompt someone and share our guest’s response, along with pictures that they shared with us that are related to the response.

Join us on the journey of curiosity and learning about the people around us. We hope you enjoy these short interviews, learn something new and use the prompts to find out something more about someone in your life.

We recently prompt'd Madison Allen, owner of Marketing with Madi, an in person and virtual assistant, specializing in assisting small business owners with Marketing and Social Media needs. 


Prompt: What makes your soul sing?

Madison: I started my business because I love collaborating with other businesses and finding ways to help them grow whether that be with increasing their branding presence, social media growth, or other marketing strategies. What really makes my soul sing is when I get a cup of coffee with a business owner for the first time and get to listen to their pain points while my brain is bursting with ideas of how I can assist them and their business. 
If you or someone you know would you like to be prompt'd, please let us know by emailing us at
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