Penguin viewing area in New Zealand

be prompt'd with Jessi Freitag

Our weekly prompt'd series features single question interviews with creatives, friends, business owners, and fascinating people. Every week, we will prompt someone and share our guest’s response, along with pictures that they shared with us that are related to the response.

Join us on the journey of curiosity and learning about the people around us. We hope you enjoy these short interviews, learn something new and use the prompts to find out something more about someone in your life.

This week on our be prompt'd series, we prompt'd Jessi Freitag, an operations specialist, podcast host and a great friend of mine!
Prompt: What has been your favorite trip you've been on?

Jessi: I loved going to New Zealand! My favorite moment was finding an area where penguins live in the wild! After dark, these tiny blue penguins all came home from the bay and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen to watch them waddle up the shore (we watched from a viewing platform with someone from the preserve area so as to not disturb them). They were 10 inches tall full-grown and bright shiny blue feathers. I'll never forget it!

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