be prompt'd with Ebony Cauley

be prompt'd with Ebony Cauley

Our weekly prompt'd series features single question interviews with creatives, friends, business owners, and fascinating people. Every week, we will prompt someone and share our guest’s response, along with pictures that they shared with us that are related to the response.

Join us on the journey of curiosity and learning about the people around us. We hope you enjoy these short interviews, learn something new and use the prompts to find out something more about someone in your life.

This week, we prompt'd Ebony Cauley, owner of Delightfully Yourz (DFY). At DFY, Ebony is on a mission to provide practical resources for partnerships to be more present, playful and passionate within their relationships. 

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Prompt: What is your secret or not-so-secret obsession? How did it come to be?

Ebony: I'm an introverted thrill seeker or said in another way I'm a Adventure Enthusiast & Pleasure Advocate! So I greatly enjoy pursuing a life that feels good.. I'm constantly wanting to expand my knowledge library aka reading lots of books and/or watching lots of documentaries which fuels my activities + crossing off my bucket list:

  • Sky dived at 18
  • Went Bungee jumping on my Honeymoon in New Zealand
  • Whitewater rafting in NZ, too
  • Love roller coasters and I haven't met one I do not like!
  • Did a 7 day camp + hiking tour in Peru to see Rainbow Mountain [Soo worth the climb!! Photo is mid-way through hiking]
  • I was a competitive gymnast and believe this is where it all started my introduction to becoming a thrill seeker!

I hope to always have the choice & courage to truly live life fully! Choose your own adventure way of life

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