5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mom

5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mom

In this post, we’re sharing five meaningful gift ideas that will make mom feel seen, loved, and appreciated. We know the feeling of frustration that comes after years of settling for “good enough” gifts for mom. For all the selfless ways mothers show up for us, in good times and bad, they deserve an intentional alternative to a generic Hallmark card or scented candle.

1. A virtual or in-person experience

What’s more meaningful than a gift that includes spending time with you?! In this post, we shared five free or affordable experience gift ideas for mom, with alternative ideas if you don’t live near each other. If you’re running short on time, find a hosted virtual class that explores mom’s hobbies or interests. Alice’s Table offers monthly virtual workshops, from flower arranging to charcuterie board making, with all supplies included. 

2. Hearts in a jar

One of my mom’s favorite gifts was what I lovingly called “hearts in a jar.” My siblings and I cut out pink heart shaped pieces of paper. For each heart, we shared our favorite things about our mom, folded them individually, and added them to a decorated mason jar. When mom needed a pick-me-up, she could pull out a heart and be surprised by the meaningful message written inside. There’s many other versions of this gift you could customize to your preferences, like sharing sentimental or funny childhood memories. Here’s a more detailed tutorial to guide you.

3. Handwritten message necklace

Have you ever thought about how our handwriting styles are so unique? There’s an entire subfield of forensic scientists dedicated to analyzing handwriting characteristics. Consider preserving a handwritten message from an old birthday card or letter from a special person in your mom’s life. Have it engraved on a piece of jewelry that she can carry with her everywhere.

4. Custom illustration

Family portraits can be difficult to achieve as parents and siblings get older. A personalized illustration of you and your mom, or your whole family, could be the perfect alternative to an in-person photography session.

5. prompt’d Cards for Mothers & Daughters

Gift a moment of connection. Cards for Mothers & Daughters is an easy tool for you to get to know mom as a person, and for mom to get to know you as an adult, outside of your traditional roles in the family. Each set of cards, one for you and one for mom, includes a meaningful prompt to guide your writing. Cards are pre-stamped and ready to begin exchanging immediately.
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